The Sharp Token

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Introducing Sharp Token

A Utility Reward Token for Growth-Focused, Purpose-Driven Communities


Welcome to Sharp Token, the digital fuel for thriving, growth-focused, and purpose-driven communities. Created on a robust and scalable blockchain, powered by AI, our utility token revolutionizes the way communities grow, engage, and create value.

How to get involved

Creators and Builders

Share your content and code (projects) within the community and earn rewards based on their audience engagement and popularity. Accumulate reputation points, badges, rewards, and unlock various exclusive levels.


Contribute your knowledge and expertise via forums, articles, blogs, eBooks, and interviews. Become a validator, moderator, and quality controller and earn rewards, badges, and unlock various exclusive levels.

Thought Leaders

Are you an authority in your field? Present at conferences or webinars, participate in panel discussions or appear on live TV to earn recognition badges and rewards. Boost your follower count and elevate your brand.

Influencers & Promoters

Are you a social media influencer or promoter? Choose an activity and share it with your followers to help spread awareness. In return, earn token incentive, college badges, and exclusive collectibles.

Advisors & Ambassador

Become an advisor or brand ambassador to receive an exclusive profile and digital collectibles. Accumulate token incentives and build your reputation while also having the opportunity to market your brand to a vast user base.


Become an advisor or brand ambassador to receive an exclusive profile and digital collectibles. Accumulate token incentives and build your reputation while also having the opportunity to market your brand to a vast user base.

Why Sharp Token?

Purpose-Driven Rewards: Earn tokens by contributing to forums, sharing expertise, and engaging in meaningful activities that benefit the entire community.

Universal Utility: Use tokens to unlock premium content, participate in community governance, or exchange for exclusive digital assets.


Inclusive Economy: From creators and contributors to moderators and curators, everyone in the community has an opportunity to earn, spend, and grow with Sharp Token.


Easy to Integrate: Community managers can effortlessly adopt our white-label solution to introduce Sharp Token rewards and gamification into their own ecosystems.


Engage. Earn. Empower: With Sharp Token, you don’t just earn tokens – you build a reputation, accrue badges, and unlock new levels of engagement and influence. Whether you’re an influencer looking to spread awareness or a thought leader aiming to share wisdom, Sharp Token offers the perfect platform to earn, engage, and empower.

How it Works

Our platform’s growth economy model will give users a feeling of ownership and belonging by listening to feedback, rewarding the user for their time, passion, and energy, and giving them global exposure to showcase their skills and expertise. By participating in various activities and earning tangible rewards users develop a sense of belonging and community within the platform. The intent is to create an amazing user experience and help catapult the user’s personal and professional growth by learning, sharing, earning and giving back, in a gamified environment.

Digital Economy

Use the sharp token as the fuel to accelerate your community engagement and asset transactions. Did you know that our solution is environmentally sustainable?


Earn rewards by interacting with the community through activities, 1-on-1’s, group contributions, etc. and spend them across the platform!


Users can earn and mint their own unique digital assets (NFTs) that include achievements badges, certifications, proof of skills, avatars, awards, trophies, special characters, and one-of-a-kind designs.

Smart Contracts

A multi protocol blockchain platform for different use cases to enable trust and transparency to all stakeholders in the economy.


Total number of tokens will not exceed 100,000,000,000 (100 billion) that will be released over time. The community rewards pool is the largest pool of tokens for contributors and creators. There is a very strict lock-in period for the founders, executives, early investors, and team members.

34.0%   Community Rewards
18.0%   Founders and Team

11.5%   Treasury

10.0%   Partners
10.0%   Presale (If fully sold)
7.5%   Marketing
5.0%   Public Sale
4.0%   Board/Advisors


The Sharp Innovation Foundation

The Sharp Foundation oversees the growth of Sharp Token, managing its
community, partnerships, and philanthropic endeavors. Operated as foundation, 

the activities are guided by its governing board.

The key roles of the foundation

  • Token governance
  • Community growth and partnerships
  • Token rewards pool management and distributions

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